Cllr Christian Holliday

Representing Burpham on Guildford Borough Council

Christian was elected to represent the Burpham on Guildford Borough Council in May 2011. "I am delighted to be given the opportunity to represent Burpham on the Council. Burpham has faced many challenges in recent years and I look forward to assisting the residents of Burpham with their challenges in future."

Burpham Representatives attend Local Plan Examination

In my capacity as Chairman of the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum, I this week (w/k 24th June) gave evidence at the public Examination into Guildford’s Local Plan, alongside fellow Forum member, Mr Jim Allen. We presented evidence relating to a number of issues, both Borough-wide and Burpham specific, including Green Belt and infrastructure considerations. Following submission of evidence, the Inspector indicated we could assist Council officers in making landscaping requirements stronger within the proposed policy for Gosden Hill Farm.

You can read more about the Hearings being held into the Local Plan, including the timetable and agenda for the remaining sessions, by clicking here.

The Hearings are being presided over by and Independent Inspector, Mr Jonathan Bore, who will decide whether the plan is Sound or not. If found sound it can be adopted by the Council and used to guide development in the Borough.

Local Plan Examination Begins

The Examination in Public (EiP) of the Guildford Local Plan began today (5th June 2018). The EiP is presided over by Independent Inspector, Jonathan Bore, who is appointed by the Secretary of State. The Hearing sessions are open to the public. Details of the timetable for the EiP sessions and relevant background papers can be found here. The Burpham Neighbourhood Forum will be attending and making representations on behalf of the local community.

Christian elected Chairman of the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum

Members of the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum tonight (21st May 2018) elected me as their new Chairman. The outgoing Chairman Ros Pollock held the post for four years and oversaw the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan in 2016. I’m delighted to have been elected Chairman at this crucial time in the life of Burpham and the Forum. I look forward to working with other members of the BNF and the Burpham Community Association to give Burpham the representation it needs.