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Burpham Neighbourhood Forum to seek re-designation 

At its AGM held on 16th January 2017 the membership of the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum (BNF) voted to seek re-designation as a recognised forum once the current designation expires next year.  This is great news for Burpham as a Forum is able to respond more quickly to local planning matters than, say, a Parish body.

Since the adoption of the Burpham Neighbourhood Plan the committee of the BNF has been working hard monitoring planning applications in Burpham and making submissions where appropriate to ensure the policies of the Plan are being given due weight in the decision making process.

Aldi appeals successful

On 6th December 2016 the Planning Inspectorate issued its appeal decisions relating to certain planning conditions governing the running of the Aldi store in Burpham.

The appeals were successful and as a result the store can now open until 10am on weekdays. Deliveries may also commence from 6am, with no restrictions on type or number of vehicle. Only 1 HGV may be present on site at any one time.

Burpham resident marks 100th birthday

Mrs Doris Oliver, a Burpham resident of 50 years, turned 100 years of age this week.

The youngest of 15 children, Doris worked as a telephonist during the war, meeting Queen Elizabath (later the Queen Mother) on a morale boosting tour.

A keen swimmer earlier in life Doris won swimming contests along the Thames. Being keen on singing and amateur dramatics the  blowing out of candles on the birthday cake was followed by a good old fashioned sing song of war time classics.

(Photo: Me, Doris and her daughter Christine).